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There are so many videos online its hard to know where to start! We’ve made it easier by signposting you to ones we think you’ll find useful.


Samples, plugins, loops, hits, multi-samples, software instruments, effects – there are loads out there to add to your music – we’ve narrowed them down to a few for you to try out.

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A DAW is a ‘digital audio workstation’ or online studio. It’s a computer software application for recording, editing and producing audio files such as songs, musical pieces, human speech or sound effects.


There are loads of great apps out there for making sounds, beats, melody, rhythm, noises, soundscapes and more. Here are some of the ones we’ve been playing with – some are free. To get hold of them, go to your App Store on your phone/tablet.


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training table

Get advice from our industry professionals who have stacks of experience in engineering, producing, and creating music with some top names!

Got a tip, software or website you could share with others on here? Get in touch and we’ll put it on here with a credit to you or a link to your socials/website.

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