Level 3 Diploma in Music Technology

This course concentrates on music production and recording skills. You will learn audio editing using industry standard Logic Pro Studio and ProTools software.

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Technology

Whether a singer, songwriter, performer, producer or sound engineer, this course is designed to help you take the first step toward a career in the music industry.

Creative Music Technology (BA Hons)

Using cutting-edge technology, you will explore the full potential of working as a creative music technologist. As a composer, performer, sound designer, engineer and producer, you will establish a competitive portfolio of practical projects and experiences.

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Popular Music (BA Hons)

Embrace diversity and celebrate original ideas. This course will help you to explore and enhance your creative voice, develop a range of practical skills, and build an industry-facing portfolio and network of contacts to enable you to launch your career.

Music Business

This is a contemporary music business degree that applies leading-edge technologies and ideas to develop a multi-skilled and entrepreneurial approach to new business, globally and locally. You will learn how to run and manage live music events, create video marketing, build online promotion, and develop and launch music products.


Beth aka ‘Grove’ gets a start in the music industry

Beth, aka ‘Grove’ is a 20-year old vocalist from Gloucestershire who’s part of our Upsurge artist development programme. She thought she was destined to work in ‘dead-end jobs’ until someone gave her a ‘big break’. All that’s changed since she became involved with...