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There are so many videos online its hard to know where to start! We’ve made it easier by signposting you to ones we think you’ll find useful.


Samples, plugins, loops, hits, multi-samples, software instruments, effects – there are loads out there to add to your music – we’ve narrowed them down to a few for you to try out.

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A DAW is a ‘digital audio workstation’ or online studio. It’s a computer software application for recording, editing and producing audio files such as songs, musical pieces, human speech or sound effects.


Songwriting and recording are the best therapy says Harley

Harley struggles with anxiety and lack of confidence as a result of early childhood experiences. She lives in foster care, and has found it hard to fit in at school and make friends. She was referred to our Music Minds programme, for one-to-one music mentoring. Music...

Beth aka ‘Grove’ gets a start in the music industry

Beth, aka ‘Grove’ is a 20-year old vocalist from Gloucestershire who’s part of our Upsurge artist development programme. She thought she was destined to work in ‘dead-end jobs’ until someone gave her a ‘big break’. All that’s changed since she became involved with...