A FREE and easy to use DAW. Same drag and drop method as other studios eg GarageBand, but isn’t preloaded with loops and plugins (find free ones from our Plugins/loops page).

You can buy an upgraded version for a small fee. See the beginners tutorial on our videos page.


Free if you have a recent iPad or Mac (or only around £4 to buy). Lots of pre-loaded loops and software instruments. The Mac version gives you more control than iPad. We recommend you buy an audio interface to record instruments and vocals.


The most professional easy to use DAW. Easy to use if you’ve used GarageBand as it’s similar. Comes loaded with loops, plugins and software instruments. Costs £200, only available for Macs.


Popular and easy to use – basic edition is around £80 and use upgrade packages, which can for extra samples, loops and plugins. Many modern [roducers use this programme for beat-making, but it’s limited for recording and mixing. Mainly for PC, you’ll need BootCamp to use it with a Mac.


Budding DJ and producer? Check this out. Unlike any other, it has a unique feature, which you can use it to produce/make music or play live as a DJ. Intro package is £70, and you can upgrade as you develop. Can be used on Mac or PC. See the intro video in our video section.


Beth aka ‘Grove’ gets a start in the music industry

Beth, aka ‘Grove’ is a 20-year old vocalist from Gloucestershire who’s part of our Upsurge artist development programme. She thought she was destined to work in ‘dead-end jobs’ until someone gave her a ‘big break’. All that’s changed since she became involved with...