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We’re a Gloucestershire-based charity and we transform lives through music.

We’re a small, friendly team of professionals working from bases across Gloucestershire.

We have a passion for music and inclusion, and a practice that focuses on engagement, creativity and empowerment.


”After just one session, the change in our student was amazing. Your music leader has made a big difference to a lot of young people.”   —  Emma Stevenson, Senior Support Worker at Gloucestershire Hospital Education.


Beth aka ‘Grove’ gets a start in the music industry

Beth, aka ‘Grove’ is a 20-year old vocalist from Gloucestershire who’s part of our Upsurge artist development programme. She thought she was destined to work in ‘dead-end jobs’ until someone gave her a ‘big break’. All that’s changed since she became involved with...

Richard feels accepted and grows in confidence

Like many young people we work with, Richard (not his real name), a student in year 10, had always struggled with school. He didn’t fit in, had extremely low confidence, and had been bullied. Coming to the afterschool club at SoundSpace Studios, Cinderford, has transformed his attitude to himself, and his wellbeing.