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Book a FREE specialist advisory support session - to bring music to life in your school and help teachers feel more confident.

Engage your students with music and support their progress to next steps.


Engage your students who are at risk of low outcomes or exclusion, with music (and spoken word) and support their personal and social development and wellbeing.


Capture your students’ interest and engagement, and let their abilities shine, with our programmes of support for special schools.

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Capture your KS2 and KS3 students’ interest and engagement with music with a 10-week programme of whole class music technology using iPads.

Help your students build confidence, self-esteem, resilience, motivation and happiness.



Richard feels accepted and grows in confidence

Like many young people we work with, Richard (not his real name), a student in year 10, had always struggled with school. He didn’t fit in, had extremely low confidence, and had been bullied. Coming to the afterschool club at SoundSpace Studios, Cinderford, has transformed his attitude to himself, and his wellbeing.

Hip Hop and gaming helps Tom discover an identity beyond anger

Tom had been referred to us by a local service for people with mental health problems. He was suffering from anger problems, was often violent, and had very few friends. He had lost interest in life and was a loner, spending his time gaming on his computer and listening to old-school hip-hop.