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Book a FREE specialist advisory support session - to bring music to life in your school and help teachers feel more confident.

whole class learning

Capture your KS2 and KS3 students’ interest and engagement with music with a 10-week programme of whole class music technology using iPads.


Bring your students together to write, rehearse, perform.


Helping students build confidence and develop creativity.

Engage your students who are at risk of low outcomes or exclusion, with music (and spoken word) and support their personal and social development and wellbeing.


Capture your students’ interest and engagement, and let their abilities shine, with our programmes of support for special schools.

Help your students build confidence, self-esteem, resilience, motivation and happiness.


Engage your students with music and support their progress to next steps.



Jasmine’s creativity and confidence bloom

Jasmine took part in our Music Minds teenage mental health programme. She's featured in this video singing the song she wrote, accompanied by musicians from Gloucestershire Academy of Music. Her headteacher tells Jasmine's story: "Jasmine's confidence and self-esteem...

Songwriting and recording are the best therapy says Harley

Harley struggles with anxiety and lack of confidence as a result of early childhood experiences. She lives in foster care, and has found it hard to fit in at school and make friends. She was referred to our Music Minds programme, for one-to-one music mentoring. Music...