Beatbox and Urban Vocals half-day workshops for primaries, secondaries and APSs – just 3 slots left!

See 5 Mics collective from Gloucester in action in your school – helping students build confidence and develop creativity in new and exciting genres. 


Workshop activities include:

  • Vocal warm ups and performing in unison 
  • How and when to use rhythm, repetition and rhyme
  • Creating individual melodies and beats in an ensemble
  • Developing song structure and arrangement
  • Understanding the variation of sounds, using the voice as an instrument
  • Using polyrhythmic patterns to texturise compositions
  • Building vocabulary and literary techniques to achieve particular effects
  • Giving a platform for improvisation

Price: £150

Feedback from our spoken word workshop (see below): “The Music Works enabled our most vulnerable students to express themselves freely and confidently. All 28 students absolutely loved blending rap and poetry together, and it was great to see our students enjoy writing and creating poetry. This session was truly inspiring and our students took so much away from it: confidence, engagement with writing and self-worth.”

— Nicola Toohig, English Teacher, Archway School

Other vocal programmes

We can also provide a range of half- or full-day workshops, 10-week programmes, and training for teachers and pupils in the following areas:


developing young leaders


singing and songwriting to improve wellbeing


vocal warm-ups and singing assemblies


singing games for playgrounds and classrooms


singing and signing to support and enhance communication


transition singing


performance skills and opportunities