How we make a difference

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We work with young people to engage them through music and creativity; build confidence, self-belief and motivation; and empower them to reach their potential. We specialise in working with young people facing barriers in music, in learning and in life. 

We develop young people’s musical and technical abilities and provide progression routes and opportunities for those who wish to pursue them.

We measure our impact according to authenticity, inclusivity, engagement, creativity, empowerment and sustainability. We aren’t interested in one-off projects that don’t have an ongoing impact. We want to make a significant difference to young people’s lives in Gloucestershire.

         Our work leads to improvements in:


Creativity, self-belief, self-esteem and confidence

Which can be evidenced through wellbeing and educational outcomes:


Wellbeing – improved mental wellbeing, resilience and relationships, reduced negative behaviours


Education – increased self-efficacy (belief in ability to cope & succeed), motivation to learn, aspirations, school attendance

And this in itself leads to long-term social change:


improvements in employability, citizenship, and in some cases a reduced cost to society

Read all about it how we make a difference in our  Visual Impact Report 16/17

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Read more about the young people we work with and the difference we’ve made.


Richard feels accepted and grows in confidence

Like many young people we work with, Richard (not his real name), a student in year 10, had always struggled with school. He didn’t fit in, had extremely low confidence, and had been bullied. Coming to the afterschool club at SoundSpace Studios, Cinderford, has transformed his attitude to himself, and his wellbeing.

Hip Hop and gaming helps Tom discover an identity beyond anger

Tom had been referred to us by a local service for people with mental health problems. He was suffering from anger problems, was often violent, and had very few friends. He had lost interest in life and was a loner, spending his time gaming on his computer and listening to old-school hip-hop.