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Something big is happening in Gloucester this summer – and you (or if you’re an adult, the young people you care about) could be a part of it, performing live on stage in August. This summer, we’re running a stage in the centre of Gloucester as part of the SoMAC festival which is a great chance for young people in Gloucestershire to experience the thrill of live performance, and to build confidence as musicians and as people.

SoMAC-All-The-LogosWhen’s it happening?

Tues 23, Weds 24, Thurs 25, Fri 26  August, from 11-12 for youth performances
(other performances happening until 4pm)

Who can be involved?

  • you’ll need to have a piece/pieces of music that are performance-ready, you’ll probably have been rehearsing them for a few months
  • it can be anything from one song to a 15 minute set, any genre or performance type (DJ’ing, singing, rapping, bands, playing an instrument …)
  • if you’re under 18, we’ll need permission from an adult who’s responsible for you, for you to perform (if you’re a band, we’ll need the same for each of you)
  • you’ll need to be available on one of the above dates, at those times
  • you’ll work with music industry professionals who are highly experienced in working with young people and all approved by The Music Works.

Get in touch!

If you’re interested in being a part of this exciting summer event then please contact mpatterson@themusicworks.org.uk as soon as possible. Please let him know:

  • your name (and if you’re not the performer, your relationship to them)
  • names of the performers and band/artist name
  • if you’re a singer/DJ/instrumentalist
  • a link to your music (audio or video) or attach it to the email
  • what equipment you need
  • how old the performers are
  • if you have a preference for which day
  • your contact telephone number

Limited places available so please contact us as soon as possible – otherwise we can’t guarantee a performance slot.

The Music Works Team