Music Inclusion Conference 2019 – Breaking down barriers to music


Breaking down barriers to music in Gloucestershire

On the 2nd of April 2019, The Music Works and Make Music Gloucestershire hosted the first Music Inclusion Conference. The one-day event was filled with inspiring presentations, performances, networking between delegates and insightful examples of how music inclusion in Gloucestershire could be improved.

The Music Inclusion Conference was the start of conversation on the topic of music inclusion for students in Gloucestershire and the UK. We invited delegates from Gloucestershire, Bristol and London to listen and take part in discussion of change. As promised this page will contain the resources for anyone who attended the Music Inclusion Conference.

This page contains slides from the presenters who spoke at the Music Inclusion Conference – Breaking Down Barriers and other resources: Breaking down Barriers – speakers biographies and recommended reading.

Speakers and Presentations:

  • Carrie Creamer & Matt Griffiths (CEO of Youth Music) – Presentation
  • 5 Mics (Vocal collective & a part of UPSURGE The Music Works)
  • Siggy Patchitt (Bristol Music Trust & Centre for Inclusive Excellence) – Presentation
  • Kamina Walton and Euella Jackson (The Rising Arts Agency) – Presentation
  • Hugh Nankivell  (Composer and Musician)
  • Lee Holder (Senior Music Leader from The Music Works) – Presentation
  • Siggy Patchitt & Alex Lupo (Music Therapist) – Presentation


Continued Resources:

Find more information and resources for inclusion on Make Music Gloucestershire’s Resources for Inclusion page

Read the news story about the day: Breaking down barriers to music in Gloucestershire – news story.

See collected tweets from the day below, or on the Breaking down barriers Wakelet.