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Charlie was a 13-year old who’d been excluded from school and had been attending a Pupil Referral Unit. She had learned extreme tactics for avoiding learning – from swearing at teachers and physical violence, to running away and climbing on top of furniture.

After working with one of our music leaders, she has found a new passion for and confidence in singing, and has completed a Bronze Arts Award. At one stage she said to the leader “You’re one of the few teachers that believes in me”. With his support, she put together a portfolio of work, carried out independent research, and taught him a skill that she had learned. She has shown qualities of patience, determination, creativity, and produced high quality work.

Now 15, Charlie has since continued to attend sessions with The Music Works team – her only education – for just over a year, in a new off-site Alternative Provision setting.

It has been a long and complex journey, but the team report that there has been a complete transformation of her behaviour, her self-motivation, her engagement in English and Maths, her social skills and her resilience. She is expected to achieve a level two AQA qualification in Functional Skills English which will enable her to attend an FE course.

In a recent evaluation meeting she said “[This] has helped me feel like I can achieve, I have matured and am able to cope better with other people being annoying. It has been important having adults I can trust, staff here support and challenge you but don’t wind you up. I can talk very openly about things that I am struggling with”  

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