Online GarageBand lessons (Beginner)

Stuck for lockdown lesson ideas you can do from home? We’ve got you covered…

We’re making our GarageBand lessons available online so that young people can still participate in them even when we’re not able to come into their school in-person.

Our series of beginner lessons engages everyone in music – even those who struggle the most. It helps pupils to learn fundamental music skills and concepts in a fun, inclusive way. It’s been a huge hit in every school we’ve delivered it.

The full lessons (beginner)

Lesson 1: how to make your first track

Lesson 2: tempo – see what ‘faster’ or ‘slower’ does to your track

Lesson 3: how to play your favourite songs on GarageBand

Lesson 4: playing the GarageBand keyboard

Lesson 5: how to use the sampler in GarageBand

Lesson 6: how to use loops in GarageBand

Lesson 7: how to structure your song


Want to use these lessons in your school?

Drop us a line to get access to the online videos

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