The 17th of January 2019 was the last day of Voice Collectives programme for 60 Year 6 at Heron Primary School in Gloucester. Our music leader Ben O’Sullivan ran the programme with the purpose of bringing students together to write, rehearse, perform and record their own song that’s then published on Soundcloud.

The Voice Collectives is a 10-week programme that builds confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, and happiness in students; bringing together pupils from a range of backgrounds and unifying them through songwriting and music making

After listening to their finished song, the pupils were asked ‘What was something that you weren’t expecting?’ Many said they were impressed with the solos, harmony, electric guitars, how it sounded like a “proper pop song.” One songwriter commented on “how it went from the rap and solo to the instruments – like an explosion!”

As part of the Voice Collectives, we’re passionate about understanding the students’ general mental health and how they feel about themselves. In week one students were asked multiple questions, such as ‘how confident do you feel making new friends?’ and ‘how confident do you feel standing up for yourself?’ We asked the same questions in week 10 to see if there was any improvement. The results were amazing; 9 more students answered that they could stand up for themselves when compared to week one. We then asked the students if they felt this could be related to the Voice Collectives programme, and many agreed saying “I think it’s related to music because if you were or are bullied you can write a heartwarming song about it [and get through it]”.

Voice Collectives Testimonial:

Heron Primary School’s music teacher Mrs Hart reflected on the term-long programme  ‘It is difficult to put into words how powerful and special this 10-week project has been. The children have relished the opportunity to learn in depth about the songwriting process and have been thoroughly inspired by the energy, commitment and musical knowledge that Ben brings.  The project became so much more than just writing a song and we saw some emotional moments along the way. The final product was one that the children can be really proud of and the experience will stay with them for a long time.”

What is Voice Collectives? 

Voice Collectives is a 10-week programme of singing and songwriting that’s suitable for any class or large group of students from Year 6 to 13. It’s ideal as a transition activity or a part of your music curriculum to grow students’ enjoyment of music and belief in their own abilities. Music leader Ben O’Sullivan will work with students to create and rehearse their own song. There is even the option of a recording session away day where students will also feature in their own video, shot on location.

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Listen to the songs down below!