Musician & music technology

Tom had been referred to us by a local service for people with mental health problems. He was suffering from anger problems, was often violent, and had very few friends. He had lost interest in life and was a loner, spending his time gaming on his computer and listening to old-school hip-hop.

Our music leader spent time getting to know Tom and building his trust, through sessions that took place in one of our studios. He asked him about gaming and hip-hop, and realised that this could be the key to starting to build his self-esteem and motivation.

Over 10 weeks, our music leader worked with Tom to create a set of music tracks using music technology. This was based on the hip-hop style and gaming soundtracks that interested him, but also drew out some new ideas and techniques so that Tom could truly call the music his own.

During the sessions Tom was so focused and interested that his anger was never a problem and there was never any violence. Music has given Tom a sense of purpose, a coping strategy, and a new identity, beyond his anger issues. Tom has now released the tracks as an EP and has gained new respect from his peers.