SoundSpace Studio is based in the grounds of The Forest High School, Cinderford. The studio has exciting opportunities for children and young people aged 8+, wanting to get involved in music, and develop their skills.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced musician, go to Forest High, or to other schools in the area, you’ll get a warm welcome from other young musicians and our friendly tutors/studio technicians. If you have difficulty affording the sessions please don’t let this put you off – contact us confidentially, as we can provide help with fees.

After-school club, Mondays 3.30 - 5.00 pm

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced musician, if you’re aged 11-16 we’ll help you to make the music YOU want to make. Try out instruments, use music technology, and even see what it’s like to be a professional musician in a recording studio! Price: £3 per person per hour.

Studio sessions for 11 - 18 year olds - Monday 3 - 6pm

If you know your way around your kit, and have been to SoundSpace before to have an induction then book yourself in for a studio/rehearsal session. You can use our drum kit, PA, guitars and amps at just £2 per hour.

Daytime sessions for 11 - 18 ages - Mondays 1.30 - 3pm

Similar to our after-school club but during school hours, for young people between the ages of 11 – 18 who are home educated. Prices are £2 per person per hour.

The Drop: Bands & Vocalists - Saturdays 11 - 12.30 pm

The Drop: Bands & Vocalists is every Saturday 11 – 12.30pm at SoundSpace studios. Find your band! Connect with other musicians. Find your voice. Develop your skills in singing, songwriting and being in a band. Get performance opportunities.

Ages: 10 – 18, beginner to advanced. Price: £6 pay as you go, £5 pay for the term, £3 if you have free school meals*.

How do I sign up?

To book or find out more about After-school club and studio/rehearsal sessions, contact Robin Jones on:


Studio Contact Number:  01594 836418

Or message the SoundSpace studios Facebook page here.


“Sam and Jake absolutely love the workshops. They come away buzzing every Saturday, always having learned something new and feeling inspired. We’re seeing both boys growing in confidence and ambition, and they’ve made new like-minded friends too. The workshops have ‘perked up’ the weekends no end and it’s not quite such a battle to encourage them to get homework done, once they’ve released some of their creative energy!”

Susie Newman-Turner, mum to Sam and Jake who attend Audio-Base in Tetbury.


“The tutor has shown us how we can make our own music, and we can record it. You can jam with people. You can’t do this anywhere else.”

Alesha Maguire-Toombs, aged 12.


“You can just jam with each other, it’s fun, you get to learn a lot off the tutors, you get inspiration.They know everything, and can give us tips.”

Saffira Maguire-Toombs, aged 12.


“I am so elated, because finally there is something for young people playing in this genre. You have orchestras and brass bands, but there’s been nowhere for kids playing popular music to get together. They don’t really get opportunities to experiment with different instruments and ways of making music, and having the technology side is great. And the music leaders are lovely, they’re very open and very generous in how they deal with students.”

Deirdre Maguire-Toombs, mum to Saffira and Alesha, aged 12, who attend Audio-Base in Forest of Dean.



Who’s behind this?

Run by The Music Works in partnership with The Forest High School. Supported with funding from Make Music Gloucestershire, Children in Need, and Forest of Dean District Council. We are partners in Make Music Gloucestershire, which is the county’s music education hub.