Michael is a 15 year-old who was referred to Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service because he had stopped attending school as a result of an anxiety disorder. He was painfully shy – saying he was ‘afraid’ to meet people. He was unable to leave the house, experienced extreme mood swings, and was unpredictable. Struggling with day-to-day life, he couldn’t see a future for himself, and his parents didn’t know what to do to help him.

By working with one of our specialist music leaders, he gradually built trust, learned music technology skills, and his parents said that quite quickly “there was a change in how he saw himself” and he was a “different person”, coming home after sessions happy, talkative and more sociable. As a result, Michael was able to play in front of a live audience at a competition, attend classes regularly, and has volunteered in a recording studio.

His support worker said: “It’s having an impact on all areas – he’s doing better in other subjects, and is now planning his future. Before, he wasn’t thinking about tomorrow.” Michael is now studying BTEC Music Technology at a local college.

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