On the 27th February Ali Harmer, our Early Years Programme Lead, and Ceilidh-Jo Rowe, one of The Music Works’ specialist music practitioners, will be presenting their early findings from the action research project “Playing around Sound” at The National Centre for Early Music’s Conference; “Music for Life – The Impact of Music on the Wellbeing of Deaf Young People”.

Ali has been observing Ceilidh-Jo engaging in child-centred musical play with very young children with hearing impairments, gaining new insights into the role of music in these children’s lives. Ali and Ceilidh-Jo will share with the conference how their approach is well-informed rather than well-meaning and how learning “in” and learning “through” music is vital for both hearing and hearing-impaired children. They will take along some of The Music Work’s fabulous musical instruments and bits of technology that have inspired very young children and their carers to find music inspiring and useful.

More information here http://www.ncem.co.uk/hearing2015