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There are all sorts of ways we can help you get more from your music with music tech.



Loads of stuff to help you learn and create.

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Get advice from our industry professionals who have stacks of experience in engineering, producing, and creating music with some top names!


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audio-base saturdays

If you’re serious about music production and want to learn more, you can get qualified in Gloucestershire at local colleges


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Our response to the coronavirus situation (20 March 2020)

Our response to the coronavirus situation (20 March 2020)

We’ve always done whatever we can to help young people across Gloucestershire fulfil their potential by making the music they want to make. Until now, most of that has been done in-person.   In response to the outbreak...

Case study: Foundation House

Case study: Foundation House

For four years now, we've been working with young disabled musicians at Foundation House, one of the supported living units of National Star College, the county’s flagship support centre that enables young disabled people in all aspects of living and learning. In the...