From music producer Malaki Patterson, these are things he said he wishes he’d known when he started!

  1. Trust your taste.

    In other words, don’t second guess yourself. Who are you doing this for anyway?

  1. Using loops doesn’t make you a “fake” artist.

    It’s the end product that counts. Look at the gaming industry. Do you know how many of them use Unity? Or Unreal? What matters is the game. What matters is the music. Same goes with samples.

  1. Mixing is not mysterious judo.

    Go ahead and mix. Make bad mixes. Eventually, you’ll make good mixes.

  1. Let music you don’t like or understand warm up to you.

    Chances are you’ll dig it once it’s familiar.

  1. Repetition is important and minimalism is key.

    But don’t use these as an excuse to ignore that last 20% of polish. Give your tracks that spit shine sheen.

  1. If you don’t enjoy listening to your music you’re doing something wrong.

  1. Start building a reliable way to connect with people who want your music.

    An email list is a good idea.

  1. Think about where people will listen to your music.

    .What is the setting? This should inform your production.

  1. Don’t resist learning music theory.

    Music theory is a map. You can navigate without it but it’s handy to have.

  1. It doesn’t matter what DAW you use.