Soundspace Room Hire Rates

If you or your band is under 18 you are entitled to receive a discount, to benefit from the discount please email soundspace@themusicworks.org.uk to receive the discount code

Any other enquiries please contact studio manager Robin on 07540658894 or email soundspace@themusicworks.org.uk

Address: Soundspace Studio, Causeway Road, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, GL14 2AZ


Rehearsal Space 1 (per hour)

4.6m x 5.7m

Rehearsal Space 2 (per hour)

3.1m x 2.9m

Rehearsal Space 3 (per hour)

3.2m x 3.5m

Rehearsal Space 4 (per hour)

6.3m x 3.2m

Under 18’s









Standard Rate