Capture your students’ interest and engagement, and let their talents shine, with our bespoke programmes of support for special schools. Check out the videos below of our schools programme, and our SEN Music Festival and read on.


KICKSTARTER WORKSHOPS – for students in mainstream and SEN/D schools – FREE to a limited number of schools – full to half-day workshops giving you and your students a flavour of our Plug, Play, Create, Learn programme.  Featuring:

•  a ‘Music Resource MOT ’ to identify current music provision and practices

• up to 3 x 45 min music sessions with your pupils – based on needs/interests of students, using your schools’ own equipment as well our music leader’s own assortment of assistive technology, theramins, SoundBeam, switches, musical bananas, Kaoss pads, light and humidity sensors, adapted and repurposed gaming equipment (joysticks, pads) and much more.

•  a ‘Top tips for engaging pupils with music’ with session with teachers to discuss music making in the classroom, music technology.

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PLUG, PLAY, CREATE, LEARN – 10 week programme to help teachers improve their music skills, and students increase confidence, self esteem and confidence and discover their potential in music and beyond.  Heavily subsidised at £697.50. Download the letter and booking form.


TEACHMEETS – Join other teachers from special schools to share practice, challenges, solutions, and hear about opportunities and resources to help you. FREE. Contact us to find out more.


SPECIALIST MUSIC ADVISORY SESSIONS – helping you to review your provision, plan for the future, and realise the potential for music in your school, from needs analysis and action planning, to co-leading a music lessons, to music cupboard MOT and advice – fixing or showing you how to fix instruments or making recommendations on what you might need. FREE. Contact us to find out more.

Plus … our annual SPECIAL SCHOOLS SINGING FESTIVAL: Work on pieces in your own school, then join other schools for cluster rehearsals and a final, inspiring, event at the Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham. Nominal fees per school TBC.

We can also arrange bespoke programmes tailored to your students’ needs and interest, including:


10, 20, or 30-week whole class programmes of African percussion, music technology, acoustic instruments, Soundbeam and adaptive technology, including support for your teachers to build confidence in music, and enable them to use and improve your own equipment – find out more in the Make Music Gloucestershire schools services brochure


One-to-one music mentoring – see more on our At Risk page.

These are just a starting point: we find it’s better and more cost-effective to build long-term partnerships with schools that can support your students and teachers and respond to your needs over time.

Download our resources below:


“Our students literally jumped to join the sessions when it was their turn. It seemed to really boost their self-esteem and sense of achievement, they worked really well together and supported each other throughout, they had lots of ideas and rose to the challenges presented. Your music leader was always well prepared, on time and enthusiastic, he seemed able to deal with whatever we threw at him – he was always prepared to go the extra mile.”

Howard Eason, Heart of the Forest Special School.


Who’s behind this?

This programme is funded by Make Music Gloucestershire, the county’s music education hub. We are one of the key partners the Hub, a network of schools, organisations and individuals working together to make sure music education reaches as many children and young people as possible, and makes a difference to their lives and futures. Find out more in the Make Music Gloucestershire schools services brochure.