We offer small-group music mentoring sessions in schools interested in the wider outcomes around music education.
What will you get?

Groups of up to 8 young people will work with one or 2 of our music leaders for 90 minutes per week for 10 weeks across a big school term.  

Who is it for?

Small group mentoring is for students in KS3 & KS4. The programme is young-person led and designed to support and enhance young people’s social, personal and musical development.  We work with the schools to ensure the programme is targeted to young people facing challenging circumstances. 


“My concentration skills are better now, and I’m much happier. I really enjoy it and now I’m doing my main Arts Award. they help me write songs, I can never find words and the words that come out are really bad, but they’ve helped my confidence a lot.”

This is not just about music

The young people we work with through small group mentoring face many challenges including, mental health and wellbeing, stress, low socio-economic background, experience of bullying, struggling with attendance and low academic achievement. We’ve built the programme to achieve outcomes in line with these circumstances.  

In order for young people to feel safe, trusted and able to grow as a group, our experience has shown that it’s important to offer small group mentoring to groups of young people that exhibit similar behaviours. 

How to book
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To find out more and to book music labs for your school, fill out education enquiry form. 

Find out more

Our work in APS’s and in Hospital Education across Gloucestershire has proven that music is an effective way to engage and build confidence in young people who struggle with learning, behaviour, and poor mental health. To find out more about who we are and what we do check out our impact page.

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