Voice Collectives is a 10-week programme of singing and song-writing suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4 & KS5 students including alternative provision and those with additional needs.
What will you get out of the programme?
  • 10 one-hour song writing workshops
  • Evaluation
  • Performance resources
  • CPD opportunity for Head of Music / Music Dept
Who is it for?

Voice Collectives is suitable for any class or large group of students from year 4 to year 13It is ideal as a transition activity, part of your music curriculum, or to celebrate a theme or topic that is important to your school. Song writing can be an amazing way to support positive well-being, as well as to grow students’ enjoyment of music and belief in their own abilities. 

What does it involve? 

Weekly one-hour sessions where our leaders will work with your students to create and rehearse their own song. The shape and style of the song as well as the lyrics will be led by the students. 

If the school chooses, the term-long programme can culminate in a recording studio away day where students will also feature in their own video, shot on location. 

How to book
  • icon-tickets £650

*£1,000 includes a studio recording day and a music video*

To find out more or to book Voice collectives for your school, fill out our education enquiry form.

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Additional info

Voice Collectives can count as one of your two interventions for the GHLL Healthy Schools award, as we will measure the impact the project has on the emotional health and wellbeing of the students involved. This is all done through anonymous evaluation forms. This, along with the Pupil Premium outcome measures, will be of interest to senior leadership teams.

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