Team – padlet links


Here are links for all the padlets we’ve created, where we store useful documents, videos, tools etc, in addition to DropBox.

Intro page – an overview of all (most) padlets

TMW music leaders useful resources

Essential – training day July 2016 includes …
The intuitive music leader
Safeguarding scenarios
Behaviour scenarios
TMW comms crib sheet etc
Feedback & reflection

Essential/fundamental resources and info includes …
Inclusive practice
Supporting independent group work
Health & Safety check work
Ensuring quality

Challenging behaviour, attachment theory
Vocals resources
Useful resources – various
Useful resources – SEN/D

TMW info for programmes and strategy

TMW progression model links and resources
Youth Justice and music background information
Mental health
Music tech programme ideas

TMW evaluation padlets

Saturday sessions evaluation July 2016
WCET evaluation July 2016


TMW media coverage