UPSURGE - Artist Development Programme

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What does it involve?


Musicians/artist can benefit from up to three years’ support and development depending on career level, which will include mentoring, studio time, training, performance opportunities, and music promotion.


They will gain:

  • experience and skills in a professional music environment, creating and developing their own original music
  • access to multiple recording and rehearsal studios
  • knowledge of the business side of the industry, including help to protect their musical rights
  • support and development, signposting and contacts to further their musical career path
  • mentoring from music industry professionals
  • networking & collaboration opportunities with different musicians, artists, engineers, producers from diverse backgrounds across the county

Who can take part?

We are looking for artists who are any of the following: singer, rapper, beatboxer, musician (of any instrument), producer, engineer, poet and spoken word artist.

What are the criteria?

Artists must come from a Music Works pre-existing programme(s) or have used our community studio facilities at some point (Studio340 Cheltenham, SoundSpace Cinderford, or Studio 2 Guildhall Gloucester)

  • Be based in Gloucestershire
  • Be unsigned to a record label (agent and management is fine)
  • Be aged between 18 – 25

Other musicians or artists not selected on the programme can also benefit indirectly by working and collaborating with selected participants (i.e taking part in recording sessions, rehearsals, workshops, or performances curated by the selected musicians).


Anyta has always had a passion for music. Taking influences from Ella Mai and Syd, Anyta has performed at the Old Rep in Birmingham as well as the Late Show as part of the Rooftop Festival in GLoucester alongside the renowned Multi Story Orchestra.


Genuine panama make a buoyant, soul-tinged British indie sound: a sharp yet buttery texture of wriggly guitars, rolling syncopation and animated bass lines. Despite the elusive genre, The Gloucestershire-based band remain ‘big tune’ aficionados, writing songs for vocal crowds and unsuspecting dance floors. Still to release their first EP, they currently reserve most of their music for live shows… so if you want to hear them properly, you’ll have to get out and see them



Korrey Shortime creates progressive, emotive tracks through cohesive sonics alongside interesting visuals to create something incredibly unique. In his words, “Just like literature, sound and images have the ability to convey emotions and meaning.” He aims to transform his stories, feelings and ideas into a powerful experience.


Luzzey formally known as Alluzeion is an up and coming singer, rapper and songwriter who was originally born in Guyana (South America) but is now based within Gloucestershire, UK. From a young age Luzzey was influenced by the diverse musical background that surrounded him during his childhood from Classical to Hip-Hop.


Thembe is a South African born and London based poet and has performed at TEDx University of Kent, Canterbury Wise Words Festival, City Sound Project, SoFar Sounds London, The London Improv Theatre and was a featured headliner at Jawdance and The Roundhouse ‘The Last Word festival’ as a finalist in the 2017 Slam Poetry competition.


The Pink House, is a mix of indie rock, electronic and alternative soul. Her influences are Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Wolf Alice and Lou Reed. She’s played many gigs around Cheltenham, Tewksbury, and London’s 121 venue in support of a few bands. And also done a few weddings


Having no limitations to genre, MISTRY is an artist that hopes to spread his sound across a wide variety of musical styles. From South American Reggaeton to Afro Beat, House, Trap, Grime etc. Early inspirations coming from the electronic scene and multi ethnic styles, these are heavily influential over MISTRY’s current sound today. Soon to start playing live shows where an array of new music will be premiered, MISTRY will also be introducing a few original instrumental tracks. Taking a backseat in the image of MISTRY; the music does all the talking.



JPDL is a spoken word performer who combines the lyricism of poetry with the pace and urgency of hip hop in mesmerising performances of socially-conscious and politically aware narratives. JPDL is rapidly gaining a huge following for his electrifying, adrenaline-fuelled performances and is becoming a huge draw at Festivals throughout the UK


Introducing to you Griz-O, the freshest name in hip hop. An emerging artist, who not only performs to the highest standard, but covers all the bases in the game, from songwriting to spitting the freshest rhymes, Griz-O specialises in  real music, which everyone can hang on to and relate to. Versatile and creative, with an experimental edge, Griz-O is the freshest rapper you’ve never heard.


The aggression and euphoria of the club combined with the melancholic consciousness of Burial. Eyez and Sleepa are avid Bristol Bass Music producers and DJs. Taking a huge influence from Bristol’s Dub/Dubstep scene and combining that with the experimental Techno sounds Livity Sound and of London label Swamp 81; Eyez and Sleepa bring a dark and driven sound with a host of percussion and irresolvable vocal edits


South-West duo BAAST bring dark, alternative pop; mesmeric synthesis and sound design intertwined with spoken word and soulful vocals. After a year of producing and writing together, they aim to bring a refreshing, brooding sound to the ears of listeners.

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