Anyta has always had a passion for music. Taking influences from Ella Mai and Syd, Anyta has performed at the Old Rep in Birmingham as well as the Late Show as part of the Rooftop Festival in GLoucester alongside the renowned Multi Story Orchestra.

  • I’m from Gloucestershire, ever since I was little I’d always be singing karaoke with my mum all the time, music has always been with me and I started taking it serious when I was about 15. 
  • I wanted to start doing music because I felt like it was a good way to express how I was feeling and I realised that I was actually okay at it. so from there on I practiced everyday, wrote new songs etc 
  • in secondary school I studied performing arts which meant I got to take up singing as one of my key skills, which also meant I got to perform all the time, my first year of college was in Birmingham at access to music. And my second year of college I have spent at glos col studying music tech.
  • I have performed at the old rep in Birmingham a part of a college project called “rep in brum” I’m apart of the upsurge project and we have a lot of fun events coming up
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