The aggression and euphoria of the club combined with the melancholic consciousness of Burial. Eyez & Sleepa are avid Bristol Bass Music producers and DJs

Taking a huge influence from Bristol’s dub/dubstep scene and combining that with the experimental techno sounds Livity Sound and of London label Swamp 81; Eyez & Sleepa bring a dark and driven sound with a host of percussion and irresolvable vocal edits.

Self taught musicians Izaak and Dylan began their experimental music at parties, with no regard to who was listening. Instead, they explored their sound which morphed into what you hear today. Never sticking to a particular genre or style, the pair stick to their guns and don’t follow the trend. Now, despite living busy lifestyles, the hardworking pair often find themselves working together into the early hours of the morning establishing their image and devising their music.

The pair have already supported the likes of Mike Skinner during his sold out show at Gloucester Guildhall, headlined with Lamont at the Basilica Show, and have upcoming features with Shafique, Grim Sickers, Dread MC and Griz-O. They will also be performing at Tadstock Festival and the Gloucester Rooftop Sessions as part of the Late Show alongside the renowned Multi Story Orchestra

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