JPDL is a spoken word performer who combines the lyricism of poetry with the pace and urgency of hip hop in mesmerising performances of socially-conscious and politically aware narratives

JPDL is rapidly gaining a huge following for his electrifying, adrenaline-fuelled performances and is becoming a huge draw at Festivals throughout the UK.

Based out of the town of Cheltenham in the South West of England, J.P.D.L. might be a new name, but one that you will get to know very quickly. Injecting a fresh new breath of life into hip hop in the UK and beyond, J.P….is set to make a big impression in 2016.

J.P.’s background comes from live music, performing with bands and finding his sound by combining hip-hop vocals with funk, ska, and more. Setting out to take part in as many festivals and events as possible, J.P. had a mission, and the strength to see it through. 

And see it through he did. His list of achievements is already a long one, from supporting Stig Of The Dump with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Dr Syntax and the Mouse Outfit, Lee Scott, Black Josh, Trellion and Sniff and Life MC. Not only has J.P.D.L. featured on the highly regarded BBC Introducing strand, he also had the incredible experience of playing at Hyde Park during the 2012 Olympics.

As rightly proud of this early exposure as J.P. was, this was not where his heart truly lay. To move forwards, he had to look back. His first love, the thing which moves and drives him the most, has always been hip-hop. His influences run the gamut of classic and alternative rap music, from DJ Format to Jehst, from A Tribe Called Quest to the Pharcyde and Del the Funky Homosapien. His formative musical experiences with these artists have led him firmly along his current path. First dipping into his rhyme book at the age of 14, he moved from simple creativity to expression and self-reflection, and soon realised that he had something to say to the world. Putting his feelings, life experiences and thoughts on wider issues into rhymes, his music started to take shape, and hip hop started to take over his life. 

That expression has now taken the form of the forthcoming Seasonally Affected EP. Created to reflect, both lyrically and musically, the different seasons of the year. J.P.D.L. reaches deep into his mind, conjuring images from the four periods, all wrapped up in sharp bars and funky, flowing beats from four contributing producers.

With beats from Contrite, Prozac, Sketchster and Yogi Beats with cuts and scratches performed by Sketchster, sourced from J.P. himself, the EP journeys through feelings and emotions, all tied together with J.P.’s trademark quick-fire,   powerful rhymes.  Autumn for example, which is accompanied by a video, and has at its heart fallen leaves and bleak views. J.P. explains how the colours and smells of the season affect his mind and decisions, far away from the excesses of summertime. The EP’s music and its performance is full of power, poise and direction. 

With the Seasons EP set to drop mid March, via Scope Music Management, and much more to come, 2016 is set to be a big year for J.P.D.L. An artist on the rise, he clearly knows his own mind and can deliver the goods with words and music. Get involved in the new EP, it’ll last you all year. If you like your hip hop fresh, conscious and involving, make sure you grab a hold, and don’t let go. It’s going to be quite a ride. 

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