Gloucester based, urban artist Korrey Shortime began his musical journey as a child.

Hours were spent sifting through the the dust, flicking through every vinyl to find the perfect record for dad and brother for their DJ sets. It was only at eleven years old Korrey finally got his hands on his first piece of equipment. His passion for DJing only grew and his love for production blossomed from there.

As a teenager, Korrey played at friends parties but his purposeful  nature knew he wanted something more significant. To get heard he needed to play at the biggest club in town; and the best way to get his foot in the door, was to get a job there. Resilient and strong-willed, within 4 weeks Korrey went from collecting cups to the house light-jock which progressed into becoming the warm-up DJ. He spent what time he could learning from the pro’s, eventually becoming the clubs resident DJ. From there he went on to DJ around the South West, Midlands and Wales and gain his residence in Cheltenham. When not DJing, Korrey spends his time creating music. Working alongside a master of the field to better his craft,  ear and quality.

Extremely determined, Korrey is influenced by Wu Tang and Dizzee Rascal Korrey creates progressive, emotive tracks through cohesive sonics alongside interesting visuals to create something incredibly unique. In his words, “Just like literature, sound and images have the ability to convey emotions and meaning.” He aims to transform his stories, feelings and ideas into a powerful experience.

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