The Pink House, is a mix of indie rock, electronic and alternative soul.

Her influences are Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Wolf Alice and Lou Reed. She’s played many gigs around Cheltenham, Tewksbury, and London’s 121 venue in support of a few bands. And also done a few weddings.

  • I am The Pink House, aka Jojo. Guitarist and Vocalist and now and then a producer for myself. 
  • Becoming a musician was very gradual. I had realised I wanted to pursue music when I was 14, by teaching my self chords on a guitar and becoming familiar with them over time. Then attempting to sing over them and I slowly became much more confident when I was 16. 

Ive been doing music for about 6 years. I have been through many life challenges, such as having to fend for myself by leaving home at 16. Busking for rent money and food money. Going through college with a lot on my plate and achieving top marks and receiving Student of the Year award.

My hobbies are music, photography and being spontaneous as much as I can. I have a big interest in just finding new music and being influenced all the time to be more creative than I am. 

Some interesting (not so interesting) things about myself is that I normally like to go swimming to clear my mind sometimes and also read books now and then. Mainly fantasy books or books on how living in cities can be hard for young people? 

My accomplishments in music have been okay, Ive managed to play as a few unknown events, and some known such as Tadstock. I haven’t really accomplished much as im still at a young stage and haven’t had much time to get further with my music career. 

I have  played over 30 gigs in my lifetime so far, including festivals and small events with the Music Works. 

My future plans are very simple because anything can happen, its just to release an EP, get to London in. September  2018, go to uni for three years and keep on pushing myself as much as I can to become more successful and experience more and collaborate more with different people, and mainly, be happy and content with myself and have nothing but music to worry about. 

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